Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You will be extremely sensitive today, and everyone around you will seem to distance themselves from you. 

Today, your heart will be exposed and vulnerable as you're waiting for the person you most love to understand your sadness and help ease your pain. 

It feels as though the more you need people, the more they seem to drift away. This is the Capricorn's destiny: live in solitude, bound to become stronger.

You may think it's not fair, but this is what life has to offer. You're one of the people who know how to support their loved ones, someone who provides comfort without asking for anything in return. 

Seek out the friendships of a Cancer or Pisces native; they will understand you and offer strategic advice on how to be happier with what you already have. 


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The wind of change blows straight down your street, Capricorn. You've done a great job, and no one could ever hide or deny it. 

For the moment, you're going through turbulent times, and you feel like you've lost the battle, but rest assured because when you least expect it, you will enjoy the success of your hard work. 

You won't be able to enjoy your spoils if you focus on what your rivals have to say. Even your results will be much weaker than what you're capable of producing. 

Today's lucky numbers are 12 and 203.


You've been under the influence of your emotions which might take its toll on your physical health. All that pressure is now on your lumbar vertebrae. 

You've either had incorrect posture, you've carried too much weight, or spent too much time standing which is why now you're experiencing pain in your legs. 

Your weak area is your spinal column, and the emotional tension you're feeling is adding pressure to your muscles. The best solution would be to rest and place a warm cushion in the area where you feel pain.