Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 11

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Many things are beginning to change favourably for you. You can count on the stars to protect you and promote the good development of your emotional life but you shouldn’t move in the direction of sharing everything with someone you don’t know too much.

Today the moon in Libra leads you to want to formalise a relationship that really means a lot to you, however, you might regret it if you hurry.

Chatting and exchanging opinions will help you evaluate how compatible you are. That way you can make adjustments that favour a better coexistence. This is also valid for those who are already living with their partners.

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Maybe you’re really looking forward to buying a property. The house prices have gone through the roof and you may need a loan.

Be happy! It’s an auspicious day for financial matters. Loans and payments are favoured by the position of the stars.

An advantageous day awaits you in everything that has to do with your finances.

Professional activities and your career show progress for you. You could experience very pleasant moments in which you feel the acknowledgment of your boss or manager.

It’ll feel really good, Capricorn. The prizes of all that effort and commitment to achieve your goals have finally arrived. You’ve spent a long time giving your all and today you’ll reap the rewards of what you’ve sown.


You might be suffering from diseases or chronic ailments. If so, don’t waste today’s energy as the stars are willing to give you an extra dose of energy and vitality in order to improve your discomfort.

You could even be on the way to connecting with a very efficient specialist doctor who will help you. Open your ears and pay close attention, someone you know well will give you the clue you have to follow to find a new treatment.