Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You’re at a crossroads in your heart. Someone from the past who lights up your passion reappears back in your life and at the same time, you know that love isn’t passion and madness and that what you have now is a more peaceful and secure possibility.

There’s a very complex configuration in the sky for the natives of your sign at the moment. In particular, the natives of the last position are vibrating. Venus in Aries shows them wilder and somewhat displeased.

You usually keep calm when it comes to love, but this position will lead you to show yourself as vain and not very sincere.

You might try to manipulate the situation to take advantage without giving anything in return.


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Many of the complications you have been experiencing for a long time are about to come to an end. The planetary configurations promise solutions and possible opportunities that you could take if you pay attention and present.

Nobody but you can give you the joy of success. This path that’ll lead you to success depends on your attention and effort. Setting short goals will help you reach your goals in stages.

If you’re looking for a job, maybe it’s time to organise your thoughts and visualise the path of the entrepreneur. The search for freedom in your career may be your last option at this time.

Your lucky number for today is 25. This number attracts intuition and security in quick actions. The movement is the vibration of this number and its negative side can show as impulsiveness. This number will give the natives of your sign the energy to find new things.


The planets are aligned in such a way that the natives of Capricorn can expect a day of good health, but they might suffer irritability and a bad mood. This altered state of your calm nature can generate negative situations in your daily life that can alter your nervous system.

Keeping calm will be the healthiest option for today.