Capricorn Magic Horoscope 5
Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Adopting a defensive position won’t help you.  If you feel exhausted it’s time to take care of your feelings and preserve yourself instead of starting a new fight.

The problem is that this personal care could be interpreted as distance or heartbreak. That’s why you should communicate with others and then retire to your inner world.

If you’re going to withdraw, it’s important that you consider others’ feelings and find a way to help them understand your distance.

If you’re single you won’t have problems spending the day lost in thought. It’s time to evaluate the type of partners you have chosen in the past Capricorn. You may discover that they have something in common and that it’s part of the problems you’ve experienced in the past. Perhaps a behaviour, a bad habit, a way of thinking that doesn’t suit you. That’s the key to a good relationship.

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Magic Horoscope announces possible promotions, positive movements and even work trips that will be very helpful.

You could find a new path within the same job, get new and exciting responsibilities and give you the possibility of growth that you weren’t available to you before.

Life is full of uncertainties and even those who consciously plan their entire future are at the mercy of destiny Capricorn.

The future is uncertain and therefore flexibility is paramount since it allows you to appreciate the good side of the circumstances without thinking about what you’ve lost.

If you’re looking for a new job you’ll find several possibilities. You’ll have to analyse which option is best for you.


Don’t neglect some pain that’s already becoming chronic Capricorn. Taking painkillers isn’t a solution. It can even become a big problem.

This type of medication can irritate your stomach. If you feel discomfort, the solution is seeing a doctor, not taking self-prescribed medication.