Capricorn Daily Horoscope for September 11

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You'll experience a day that shows signs of stability in relationships. You'll overcome some conflicts and you'll move forward. You have to talk in a sincere and friendly way. Bring personal truth to a place where conciliation is achieved instead of distance.

Sexuality takes a relevant role tonight. Today your sensuality and elegance will lead you to find a positive response from your partner, who'll respond by satisfying you, Capricorn.

Today reconciliation will take a distinctive shape that combines passion with understanding.

Natives who're single will feel bewitched by the enigmatic gaze of a stranger. Don't get obsessed with getting in touch, Capricorn, everything comes at the right time.

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It's possible that old creditors will get back in touch to collect debts that you'd forgotten.

If you're waiting for a legal ruling regarding a judicial matter, you may hear from your lawyer.

You should rethink your monthly expenses in general. Money could be scarce. You'll have to face a new expense that you hadn't planned for.

The budget you had for this month won't be enough. Sit down and organize your finances today. Many things have changed for you when it comes to finances and money and you have to adapt to these new conditions.

Enterprising Capricorn may fear not achieving certain goals today. Fear not, goats always manage to climb the mountain.


Today you feel good Capricorn, there's an increase in energy, you feel fit and very attractive when you look in the mirror.

You'll enjoy life and your body with all your senses. The hormones of happiness strengthen your immune system and your whole body responds so that small ailments disappear.