Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


Are you escaping your feelings? It has never served you to run away from what you feel nor to deny what your heart screams.

If you’re living a loving situation that spoils at every step, you should review your attitudes. Are you afraid to give your all? You shouldn’t run in the opposite direction of love because you’ll feel lonely and abandoned. But the ice you show is what makes you not receive what you want so much.

Being so critical will take you to the scenarios you fear so much. Freeing yourself from tension and rigidity will help you enjoy moments of greater lightness and joy. Try and appreciate the advice Magic Horoscope offers you when you feel the benefits of being more relaxed.


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You stand out for your ability to see potential in business, so you’ll have the opportunity to help someone who has a disadvantaged position. If you’re one of the natives who’s waiting for a promotion, today you have the help of the stars to show everything you’re able to do and what you can give.

There’s a lot of energy in your sign helping you see what you should say at the right time.

You’re very awake and you’ll solve many of the problems that concern you today.

The lucky number for natives of Capricorn is 57 today. This is a number that will help you experience the benefits of neglecting rivalry and being docile and collaborative with opponents. Without paying attention to rivalry but to the common goal.


The mental fatigue and emotional fatigue that you have experienced in the last time will have to come to an end or you’ll suffer the consequences. The way you manage situations in your life is up to you. If you’re going to feel worried about anything you’re lost.

A positive way to deal with the way you feel is to learn to live in the present. Not projecting possible problems in the future will make you feel calmer.