Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Today you’ll feel that life puts you to the test. The moon says goodbye to the magnetic and sensual sign of Scorpio that leaves that flavour of unmistakable mystery.

You’ll have to find a way to discover the truth without revealing your need to know the details of someone else’s life that don’t concern you.

It isn’t always good to know other people’ business. You may feel committed to intervening in a conflict that includes you indirectly.

Natives who are single at this time will have to tolerate unwanted interference on social media.Try to block that person to avoid more conflicts in the future. Don’t think it’s bad to set limits when people break the trust you’ve given them. On the contrary, they’ll respect you more.

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The sun in your opposite sign brings various complications. While you could expect help from other people, it also reveals enemies and you can discover how much opposition they have exercised against you in the past.

The closeness of the eclipses in your astral chart area could affect you in a negative way. Perhaps you’re feeling that the efforts you’ve made in the last time weren’t efficient or sufficient to achieve your goals and that it’s time to start running your business with other tactics or more effective ways for this current moment.

Businesses are changing every day and the digital world is invading all sectors so you’ll see training is important to achieve progress.


The planetary aspects show certain outburst or hurry when it comes to eating and drinking. You’ll be affected by a planetary position that only alters your digestion and makes you feel bloated like a balloon. Today you’ll have to pay more attention to chewing and to drinking slowly to avoid swallowing air and then suffering this type of discomfort.