Capricorn Magic Horoscope 6
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Regarding your family or your partner, you shouldn’t commit to anything today. You may not be able to keep your word and that’s something that really makes you feel bad Capricorn.

You might commit to going for a walk or to a theatre performance with your children and you might not be able to in the end, with the dissatisfaction that can cause in you and in the rest of those involved.

You have a lot of energy invested in your career or you might be very stressed facing exams or handing in papers and this leads you to be distracted and putting very little energy into your relationships.

Watch that it doesn’t become a habit. It’s understandable to a certain extent if it happens these days since there’s a lot of planetary energy obstructing your emotional issues but you have to return as soon as possible to connect with this aspect of your life or you’ll regret it in the future.

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Why can’t you organise your calendar Capricorn? You should go back to your healthy habit of organising your affairs since there’s too much you’re not sure about and that could overwhelm you and lead you to make important mistakes or forget things.

Having an action and payment plan is paramount. It will prevent you from getting into debt that might make your life more difficult in the near future.

You shouldn’t borrow or spend what you don’t have. Today is a dangerous day for your pocket. Your finances could suffer a setback due to your impulsive behaviour.

Order and patience are the keys to solving the difficulties that arise. You know how to do it very well, Capricorn.


The stars ask you to look for time to devote to your spiritual life today.

A space between so many activities that shouldn’t be too long but intense and concentrated enough for you to get in touch with your inner world and connect with the silence that fills you with calm and peace.