Capricorn Daily Horoscope |


In some countries, they believe Tuesday the 13th to be an unlucky day. But don’t take drastic paths regarding your love life. It isn’t an auspicious day to take steps that modify your life in such a way.

Going to small things is the simplest thing you can do today. Not getting distracted and paying due attention to the needs of people who somehow depend on you will be the best way to keep your heart occupied and leave negative or repetitive thoughts aside.

If you need to strengthen your romantic relationship, you can ask the angels to support you and show you the best path for your spiritual and emotional growth. Ask with faith and in mental silence, light a scented candle in a safe place and meditate to calm your heart.


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It’s very likely that you need to choose a specific path regarding your working life. On the one hand, there’s the possibility of earning a little more money and on the other, following your creative vocation.

Choosing in this sense will give you some fear or sadness, but that’s how it goes when it comes to choosing between two paths, one of them is always lost. But always remember that this is temporary, you can always change. Life brings you multiple possibilities and paths to travel. Leave your last word for a day when you feel more confident than you should. Take your time to evaluate the pros and cons.

The fortune number for the natives of your sign is 7. In the tarot it represents “The cart” card that talks about moving forward, growing and moving houses. Meditate on this energy and you’ll receive great responses from the Cosmos.


The stars show a balance in your physical energy that allows you to enjoy the day without inconveniences regarding your health.