Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You can't just forget about the people who have always supported you and given you their unconditional love for so long. Perhaps you're feeling nostalgic about someone who is no longer in your life, but try not to feel sad and remember all the happy memories you shared. 

An invitation tonight will brighten up your mood; this will give you a chance to don your best outfit. Did you know that moss-green is a very flattering color for Capricorns? Cast away your sadness with earthy tones, mix and match shades of green and experience the tranquility this color brings. 



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Today, Magic Horoscope's predictions can identify in Capricorns a tendency for energy-wasting habits, instead of becoming determined about professional achievements. 

Natives will identify with the 16th Tarot card, the tower, which symbolizes the strength and ability to overcome adversity. Lean on this card and let it guide you. 

Your incredible ability to get past difficulties will allow you to grow professionally and benefit from more opportunities. This is the Universe's way of giving you the green light. 


Being grateful for our health is an essential step in maintaining good form, and visualizing yourself being fit and strong will also help you stay on the right track. 

Find a quiet place in your home or outdoors and slowly breathe in and out until you've reached a calm and steady rhythm. As you're breathing in, make sure you become aware of your body, from the top of your head, down to your toes. Give thanks for your health, even for the difficult times you've had which teach your valuable lessons every day. 

You will soon feel the positive effects of this breathing technique and become more in tune with your body.