Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 13

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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An excellent morning to laze about with your significant other. 

Who doesn't enjoy seeing themselves reflected in the eyes of their loved one?

You could spoil this incredible person by bringing them breakfast in bed; it will have an extraordinary effect, and they will love you more. 

The placement of the planets favors healing today, and you will soon forget about your love troubles. 

You're no different to the rest of us, Capricorn, and you too need love. You tend to hide your feelings, but today your every move and every look will reveal the love and passion that dwell within you. 

Great news if you're single. Those butterflies you've been feeling in your stomach are a clear sign that you're falling in love, and there's no way you can stop it. Make the most of this as you don't find love every day. 


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Your finances will not be very impressive today, and you might be tempted to make purchases that weren't scheduled for this week. 

You almost never plan to spend any money on your entertainment. Allow yourself to go out for dinner or to see a show today; you will enjoy it thoroughly. 

It's worth letting your hair down once in a while as long as you do it using your common sense. 

This Sunday's lucky number is 111.


Your overall positive mood has influenced your wellbeing for the better. 

Have you noticed that if you smile at those around you, the positivity you receive multiplies tenfold

Your immune system strengthens and your memory improves when you feel positive about life. 

Even your cardiovascular system improves, as well as your resistance to viruses and bacteria. 

Doesn't it feel good to be happy?