Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You’ll have the opportunity to discover parts of your personality that remained hidden for you until now. Some of your traits that you haven’t shown since your earliest childhood and that you had forgotten. It’ll be very nice for you and it’ll open a new world to you in regards to your feelings.

Enjoy being more loving and close with your loved ones. If you have a partner you’ll learn to give your love and to give yourself to them in the privacy of your bedroom with more freedom. Letting go of your prejudices and giving rise to different forms of love will help you in your love life and strengthen your ties with the person with whom you share your life.


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You’ll stand out in a group of friends for your knowledge of the market trends and the way people of your generation buy.

You won’t have too much strength for work or to finish matters related to your finances. But that isn’t so serious. You’re always very responsible and you always make sure you do everything you have to do. You can take the day a little more lightly today.

The number of fortune for the natives of Capricorn for Saturday is 80. This number refers to the protection you enjoy in different areas of life. The Universe helps you achieve everything you want little by little. You’ll receive especially good news regarding your finances.


Today you feel weakness in your legs, especially regarding blood flow, and it’s due to planetary positions. If you have varicose veins, you should take a moment to put your legs up while reading a newspaper or watching television and this way you can rest your legs. Otherwise, the heaviness that you feel could ruin an evening walk.