Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 13

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You should pay attention to see if a woman in your environment needs your help. A friend you’ve counted on in the past and is caught in a conflict. Although there’s not much you can do for her, if you can offer her your support or just listening is enough. That in itself can be very helpful.

The relationships that are in their beginnings should be taken care of very carefully. A crystal isn’t so fragile, Capricorn. Don’t be rough and look for the tenderness that although it can’t be seen, is in some corner of your heart. Consider the importance of being tender and understanding at the beginning, so you can support and feel the affection of the other person. Give your heart without fear.

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You’re in a stage of your life in which you have to decide if you go back or if you change your lifestyle radically. You should not surrender to boredom and routine without changing the way you do your work.

Waiting for a change from the outside won’t help at all. Neither your boss or your colleagues are responsible for your boredom.

Maybe it’s time for you to look within your heart for the reasons for your state of anger and stress. You can’t go around unloading your anger without any rhyme or reason and believing that they have to understand you and support you.

Look for new outlets to your creative energy. Don’t let your vitality get stuck, that’s what you need to avoid suffering from irritation.


Anger isn’t good for anyone. It doesn’t feel good and it damages your organs. Every time you feel anger, your body generates substances that are harmful to you. Your pulse accelerates, the adrenal glands generate more cortisol and you can’t rest well, your blood pressure rises and that brings a series of problems to your body.

Try to release the anger in other more creative ways. You can write a letter or punch a cushion. Learn to release your anger in ways that aren’t harmful to others.