Capricorn Daily Horoscope for March 13

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Today’s moon connects you with bodily pleasures, the desire to chill and share your sensuality with a person you like a lot. It’s a very happy time if you let yourself get carried away with these tendencies of enjoying yourself without obsessively thinking about responsibilities. You might have to leave a household chore for another day in order to have fun.

But you have to surrender to these moments or you’ll disconnect from parts of life that are essential.

Give yourself the pleasure of becoming a sexual being without caring of what others think. You can change as many times as you want. You’re not a fixed structure but a dynamic being that’s full of life.


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If there’s tension or arguments at work, don’t pay any attention and don’t engage in these situations. People are a bit moody and some of them are obsessed with making you fall into their traps.

If you let them talk and fight you’ll only see a positive result in your favour. The bitter reasons that motivate these negative situations will be exposed.

You’ll feel quite ambitious and with many desires to succeed. Don’t waste your energy and apply it in this personal search you’re going through.

Regarding numerology, the lucky number for Capricorn today is 81. A number that needs you to stay absolutely positive to get access to the financial resources you desire so much.


Have you choked on unpleasant words you haven’t been able to say? The most likely thing is that the tension in your throat chakra is generating a sensation of angina or pharyngitis.

This discomfort will surely pass as soon as you can discuss it with a friend or write it down in your personal diary. That sensation of swallowing and that something is blocking your throat will pass as you relax by breathing or singing your favourite songs.