Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The moon joins the magical Neptune and attracts mystical feelings, love and empathy increase in general and in this way, you're more in touch with what you feel and what those around you feel.

You could experience an incredible romance today.Falling in love in this way isn't common for you since you usually consider many realistic and concrete aspects when it comes to love. However, you can't resist the sensitive influences of the stars.

Magic Horoscope warns you of the danger of taking everything for granted and not being grateful for what you have. Not paying attention to how much life provides and running after dreams and chimeras is a common mistake.

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It's Friday 13th and according to tradition, it's a day for bad luck. But the natives of Capricorn don't believe in bad omens, but in the strength of their will and therefore you'll have a day of success in everything you set your mind to. But you shouldn't tempt fate. It's best if you don't innovate this Friday.

Starting new projects can be frustrating today. Communications become confusing and it's best to wait for next week to enjoy the good influences of Mercury and Venus who will attract prizes and satisfaction for the natives of the third position from the friendly sign of Virgo.

You can meditate on the energy of the number 13 and thus increase the cleaning energy of old things. This number corresponds to the transformation and loss of stagnant things that are no longer useful for your life. Free your workplace from old papers and useless objects. It'll be a good luck ritual for you.


Apathy and boredom could be very negative for you today. It seems that nothing is happening in your life and that puts you in a somewhat negative state. Open your eyes and start seeing everything that life gives you.