Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 14

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Nobody can stay clear of sad events, so don’t be afraid because if something happens in your family, you’ll find out soon.

You may wake up with a strange sensation that presses on your chest. A hunch that something bad is going on. Don’t worry, Capricorn, since there’s nothing you can do and what is destined to happen, will happen.

You can enjoy catching up with friends and getting distracted from problems. That’ll make you happy. Don’t forget about the importance of these relationships in your life, you have often left them out and prioritised other things. But friendship is of the utmost importance. If you have to apologise to a friend, don’t leave it for another day, you’ll see that your soul is satisfied with this encounter.


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A cycle in which they’ll have to make big decisions regarding material matters starts for the natives of your sign. You don’t know if you have to take one path or another. This feeling of not being able to decide can generate a great psychological burden because it’s not normal for you.

If you need to know what the best way to go is, you can try an age-old technique known as bibliomancy. It involves opening a book in a state of concentration and receiving a specific message or opinion that you have to interpret. It’s a nice way of practising introspection for a day like today.


That strange pain in the pit of the stomach is called anguish. If you’re a Capricorn native who’s feeling this annoyance today, try to relax by going out, having conversations with friends or reading a good book.

Everything you do to feel better will help your body and it will react very well. Today, the planetary alignments determine an easy recovery of your mental and physical health.