Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 14

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You will enjoy a day filled with enthusiasm, and strangely enough, you won't be shy about displaying how happy you are. Your friends and loved ones won't be able to recognize you in the midst of so many proclamations of true love for that special someone you've met. 

Make the most of a boost of energy that Mars and its corresponding sign Aries are channeling towards you. Try to be careful with this surge of vitality, however, as it might backfire and be the cause of heated arguments. Things won't escalate if you know how to defuse them, Capricorn and if you manage to listen more to those around you. 

If you're single, you could follow the flickering of your heart and contact that person that you're so interested in. Adventures do have their own appeal. 


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Pay attention to any newspapers or magazines that you happen to come across today. Keep an eye out for any signs and try not to miss any professional opportunities. 

You've doubted your gut instincts many times, you've ignored your intuition, and you've lost good chances. 

Who knows, Capricorn! Today could be the day you start trusting more your emotional intelligence and your ability to decide what's best for you. 


You may experience some fatigue in your legs today, especially if you've overworked yourself. If you notice your ankles swelling, Magic Horoscope recommends a warm foot bath. 

You'll notice how your immune system is reactivated, your insomnia is cured, and your body releases toxins stored during the day. 

Try submerging your feet for 15 minutes in warm water with half a spoon of sea salt and a few teaspoons of grounded ginger, and you will understand the magic of this detox technique.