Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The natives of Capricorn who are currently single should pay close attention.

During the course of the day, you’re going to cross paths with someone who’s going to stand out a lot because of their serious and responsible style as well as sensual and mysterious personality. If you stay put, you’re going to miss this fabulous encounter. But you have to be careful not to run into a new disappointment. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this special person.

Those who’ve had a partner for a long time will have to do wonders to overcome boredom and do something that keeps them both entertained and happy.


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You need to take care of what you have to balance your economy. Household appliances often stay connected to the electric current with the wear and tear that means and adding to your energy expenditure that increases your monthly electricity bill.

You can save in different areas. When you buy something, choose seasonal items with discounts on prices, buy offers by the quantity and purchase promotional items.

There are times when you have to do your best to reduce the number of things you use in pursuit of a greater good. Saving may be the only way to access some luxuries for you at the moment.


You could develop an allergic reaction when you less expect it and the stars show the natives of your sign have a certain tendency to develop this problem. Be especially careful this Sunday if you walk in the woods or get in contact with irritating foods.

Even if you walk through spaces where nature is everywhere, you could find insects of the most varied kinds and their bites.  Bees, wasps and mosquitoes can arouse an unpleasant skin reaction.