Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 14

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Try to stay away from conflicts. If you pay attention to malicious words you’ll get entangled in arguments and jealousy that have nothing to do with you.

The moon in Scorpio attracts energies of arguments and distrust for things that have to do with passion. You might already know the truth or a secret about someone you like a lot is revealed. Don’t let that information make you lose interest or desire without first verifying that it’s true.

Don’t let the things someone who doesn’t know love says turn into malicious judgements that make your life bitter.

Remember that when you get in touch with yourself, passion awakens your desires to live increase.

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From the planetary alignments today, you can expect the desired work to arrive. You have been struggling to get that position in the company.

A job proposal that you’ve been waiting for arrives.

The full moon of Gemini comes to show your work abilities and your hard work when you put your energy into tasks that stimulate you intellectually and that are a challenge to your intelligence.

Friendships or relationships that you have at work will be favoured. You’ll find that communication is more fluid than at other times.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign today is 43. This number reminds us that reality has nuances but that one of them is the one that responds to your own vibration and is the one that you have to follow to be in harmony.


You shouldn’t use your free time in activities that go against your physical well-being. Although those around don’t stop drinking beer and chips watching television, you need to make an effort and free yourself from the inertia that leads to the wear and tear of your body.

Use that valuable time to do something good for yourself, a good foot massage, reading a book that nurtures your soul or going for a run are better ways of investing your energy.