Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You’ll try to get back in touch with someone very dear to you from whom you have distanced yourself. This person has been part of your life for many years and you have weakened your ties for reasons that aren’t so important. You should not allow a minor problem to prevail over feelings you’ve had for so long.

You can give in to new emotions and feelings. Surprises are the star of the day. The planetary locations show that you can find yourself facing an unexpected situation that’ll leave you speechless.

The natives of the third position receive blessings regarding their love life. If you have to say something that makes you commit, now is the right time. True love isn’t bought or given, it simply belongs to you. Sharing your feelings will bring smiles and caresses in return.


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This Tuesday there are solutions to solve serious problems that were starting in your finances. The increase in fixed expenses and money your bank statement shows is missing in your account are worrisome.

Could you possibly earn some extra money? Make the most of the afternoon to discover ways of making some extra money so you can afford these expenses.

Even if it’s a tense day for you, the planets in earth signs help you make changes and find innovative ways to improve your economy.

The first thing you can do is sort your ideas in a notebook. Write down everything that comes to your head to see it in perspective and then choose. You’ll see that you find an outlet to a topic that overwhelms you.


You could have a sleepless night. Worrying about thing won’t help. On the contrary, if you want to overcome this problem you should try to relax by all means.

Sleeping can become a miracle for you tonight and it’s important that you take steps to avoid it before it’s too late.

If you drink valerian tea and have a light dinner two or three hours before going to bed, you’ll see that it’s much easier for you to enter into a state of relaxation.