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Your kind attitude and your calm and respectful behaviour are the basis on which your romantic relationship is based. You endure all the attacks of destiny thanks to your personality and the love you feel.

If you’ve had some family problems, you’ll need to find the best resolutions to find the way out of these conflicts together. The most important thing is to hear what everyone has to say Capricorn. In this way, you’ll find understanding and you’ll be able to meet everyone’s needs.

Those who are single are close to meeting a mature person, someone older or with more experience that will make them feel content.

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At work, the day will be marked by some clashes between personalities. The moon in the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries heats things up and makes itself noticed.

The natives of the third position are very exposed to arguments about the manipulative attitudes of colleagues or collaborators. Loud words will take away the energy you have available to have an efficient day Capricorn.

The emotional outbursts of others aren’t your responsibility although you have to tolerate or contain them.

Listening carefully to certain information provided by someone you trust can increase your earnings in the near future.

The number of the fortune for the natives of your sign for today is 15, which symbolises the freedom of movement in your material life.


You’ll be very aware of the new methods for health care. You may know a therapist who uses alternative therapies and you might learn about oriental healing methods.

You can alleviate many discomforts caused by stress with these methods. Your doctor can help you find the most appropriate therapies today.

Herbs and natural elements will give you greater well-being in your daily life. Aromatherapy, as well as Tibetan massages, can help you relax your muscles.