Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




This Saturday there will be romantic walks under the moonlight, sweet whispers, but little commitment. When you ask or want to talk about the future or more important issues, you'll receive evasive answers or they might even get annoyed. Maybe today is not a suitable day for serious issues.Capricorn, leave it for another time when planets influence you better in this aspect.

Natives who are single can have fun and forget about their sorrows thanks to the positive influences of Venus on an earth sign.

The natives of the third position could vibrate a lot of love, feel something they haven't felt in years and surrender to passion without limits.

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Today you can get carried away by confusion, so it's important that you have a clear idea of things. You might be feeling that your job takes more than it offers back or you might believe that it isn't enough for you when it's really a very good job.

This Saturday is about calming down and seeing your work situation clearly, knowing what you want, what you need and your possibilities will give you the option to choose correctly.

If you go to a public place you have to be careful with pickpockets, thieves or snatchers since the stars show a tendency to small losses or theft. Be careful with your bag.


If you're undergoing treatment for any medical condition you'll have to try to be careful and comply with the instructions of medical professionals today. You shouldn't stop taking your medicine or start taking other medicines of your own accord.

If you get carried away by the temptation to drink, be careful about the amount of alcohol you drink. Many drugs can be very bad when mixed with alcohol and your astral aspects can attract poisoning.