Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 15

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If you’re one of the single natives, you have the beginning of a new stage for you ahead in which passion takes on a new dimension.

Watch your words because you could produce a misunderstanding that awakens a hurricane at home. If you’re going to get the attention of someone you love, ask for anything, but with affection and a friendly tone. You could be feeling moody because of the planetary alignments.

The things you do wrong today will mean that a good relationship will need some effort to go back to normal. Apologise as soon as possible or you’ll regret it. Remember that pride isn’t a virtue. On the contrary, it’s a great difficulty for relationships.


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You’re tired of resources not being enough for you and the money you earn isn’t enough. You’ll discover you’ve spent some money you needed for other things on some useless objects by looking at the extract for your credit card. You’ll learn an important lesson from this experience and from now on you’ll tend to evaluate what you buy with better criteria.

But don’t worry, your finances are about to take a positive turn. There could be a new opportunity for a weekend job that would give you the option to save and balance your finances.

The lucky number for the natives of Capricorn for today is 76. Angelic numerology tells us that this is a number that shows people they have everything they need for success if they use their talents correctly.


There are some issues of a sexual nature that make you very curious. Don’t feel shame when asking a doctor or therapist about all the things you want to know.

You’re not the only person who has difficulties or fears when it comes to these things. Sexuality is just a part of people’s lives. Let go of your fears and prejudices.