Magical Horoscope 7
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If you’re in a relationship today, you can receive a shocking proposal about increasing your commitment to that special person. This will solve common problems or achieve new goals that could excite you a lot.

Excellent news could come for you or you find out that the time has come to change residence. A move forced by circumstances beyond your control could be possible.

If you’re single, a younger person might appear in your life. It’s someone who’s very seductive and perhaps has something to do with work. They’ll make you fall in love. Their insistence on looking at you with passion will make all your barriers fall down.


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You may have some kind of interruption in your tasks. Discussions or breakups with partners or co-workers may appear.

Someone wants to take all the merit of some work you’ve done together and you won’t allow it. But don’t get angry because otherwise you could be judged very negatively by those around you that will think of you in a way that you won’t like.

If you’re looking for a job, you won’t manage to do it today. The answers are delayed but don’t despair, because everything will come at the right time.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign according to the planetary aspects for this Thursday is 68. This number refers to the ability to speculate with the future and see all the edges of the same thing before launching into a given action.


The stars indicate good health in general, but if you exaggerate with diets, exercises and restrictions you could be forcing your system and experiencing the collapse of your energy.

If you’re in search of some result regarding your physical condition, remember the importance of fair measure.