Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




The moon in your sign approaches the place where the eclipse occurs. It won’t be easy to manage the energy that’s moving in the sky. Many of the emotional problems that you’re experiencing will be evident so that you can repair them and consider other ways of behaving in your love life. There could even be problems with people in your family such as illnesses or stress situations or divorces that force you to respond quickly and empathically.

Many natives of your sign will find that they have made a mistake in showing a very tough side and that they have to rectify and reconsider. Maybe it’s a good time to apologise and start over.


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You’ll notice financial difficulties at the moment so you’ll have to start cutting costs. Maybe it’s time to ride your bike to work and save on parking and fuel. You may have to leave a while before but you’ll gain health while saving an important sum of money that you’ll enjoy at the end of the month.

The number of fortune for the natives of your sign today is 9. A number that is linked with clarity, strength and awareness. Justice and balance are the signs that this number shows and you can use this energy as inspiration


Use this day to meditate and rest. Drink plenty of liquids and don’t try to enjoy the outdoors today under any circumstances as the sun’s eclipsed energy will take your energy away.

The best thing you can do for your health today is to eat no more than what you need and look for spaces of harmony and peace in your mind. You can read an inspiring book or listen to devotional music to create a climate of inner calm.