Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 15

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Are you ready for a special night? You’ll vibrate the excitement that transports you to a special space in your love life throughout the day.

In recent times, you may have been deprived of enjoying it to the fullest. Problems have built up and that hasn’t helped to connect with the ability to enjoy your body and your sexuality. But this streak is coming to an end and that is something you can celebrate.

Remember to prioritise this aspect of your life over obligations and domestic tasks. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you should do this or that before giving yourself the time you need to look and feel great to feel satisfied and great. That is your priority.

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Today is a day in which Venus, the goddess of desire and good taste illuminates you with her rays and urges you to give yourself a gift.

You tend to be so attentive with the people you love that you forget your most basic needs and when you have a meeting or a party you’re likely to feel that you don’t have the right attire.

It doesn’t matter that you spend some money on the hairdresser or on some clothes that you like so much, give yourself permission and you’ll see that money is paid back to you by the Universe.

You deserve much more than you allow yourself. Drop that restriction Capricorn.


You might eat or drink too much this evening, so if you can have a light lunch and nap for a bit, your body will thank you.

The stars influence your kidney area. You could be suffering from fluid retention, so you should eat the least amount of salt possible and that you drink plenty of water to eliminate all traces of sodium in your body.