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You’ll feel nostalgic about past moments. Times when you could have someone to have your back or advise you. Today you’ll feel alone and you’ll have prospects that generate doubts about the path to follow. Of course, this is something that stimulates sensitivity and you could even find yourself dreaming of a different future, in which your life is transformed and you experience a more passionate relationship and absolute complicity.

The natives who are single will feel melancholy more strongly although the hopes for love are strong thanks to how well Mercury in Pisces looks with this sign

The moon makes you very sensitive to the words and actions of the people you live with or interact with on a daily basis.


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The week is coming to an end and that gives you some relief. So you’ll be more relaxed than usual when it comes to work You’ll have little desire to deal with financial issues that come up early.

Your bosses or clients will be more demanding than ever and this will make you feel exhaustion and fatigue like you haven’t felt in a long time.

Don’t stop being productive since the consequences could be very negative. Review everything in your calendar and complete each task so you don’t have to deal with problems next week.




With so much melancholy and so many sad feelings, you’ll really feel like eating fatty and sugary foods.

Don’t fall for temptation. Abdominal fat is the most difficult to get rid of when losing weight and you have it. Not only does it not look good but it also means health problems.

You could make a fruit salad and have it in the fridge. It’ll satisfy your need for oral gratification in a healthy, fresh and nutritious way.