Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The stars show that you have the possibility to spend a beautiful day in harmony with those who are part of your intimate life.

You're enjoying a new astrological cycle that allows your heart to rest from so many battles it has had to face in recent months.

No one may want to discuss difficult issues of the past and they sweep them under the rug to have a quiet Sunday.

Capricorn, you've had to deal with so much that you deserve a light and restful day.

A walk or a meal in a restaurant is ideal to distract you from the inconvenience or offence you've received. The time will come to clear those matters and make everything better.

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Listening to the advice of your elders regarding the best way to look after your savings will help you as long as you can update those ideas to the situations you're presently experiencing.

You may be receiving bad energy. They're the product of envy and curses from people around you who don't love you. Believe it or not, those energies produce reluctance and discomfort.It may be depressing to be at work Capricorn, so you'll turn a thousand times in bed before getting up. The negativity that affects your energy and takes away your enthusiasm. If you're one of the natives who's experiencing this unfortunate situation, it's time to free yourself with a protection talisman. There are numerous lucky charms but today Magic Horoscope recommends you to use the Hand of Fatima, which will attract good fortune and protect you from the evil eye.


You may have messed up your diet over the weekend and so now you feel somewhat heavy or bloated.

It's the swelling of poor digestion Capricorn and you have no choice but to eat light dinners. Small portions of salads or a cup of soup will help flatten that belly again.