Magical Horoscope 7
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Today you can only be grateful for everything you have in life. Family relationships feel in harmony, dialogues are relaxed and you find that the weather is pleasant and invites you to share your time. Don’t forget to prepare yourself to experience better moments, You’re even likely to be invited you to a wedding or a big anniversary party.

Regarding your love life Capricorn, those who are involved in a long relationship will find the time to relive the energy that united them in the past. Remembering old times and laughing together will be very good and will have results you don’t expect. Moments of intimate gratitude that you thought would not happen again are possible because you’ve lifted the restrictions in your heart.


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You’re very important at work.If you aren’t there, things don’t work out the same way. You have set a trend and the systems have been modified for good thanks to your presence and your brilliant intelligence.

Your natural instinct to perceive where good business is will lead you to get in touch with the right person. You’re likely to feel that there’s something about you that isn’t quite sincere when you behave in this way, but the end justifies the means.

A prosperous period will come for you. If you’re in financial difficulty you can count on the help of a relative who’ll lend you some money until you manage to get out of that rough patch.


If you’ve been going through a medical condition or illness, recovery promises to be faster than usual thanks to planetary alignments. Although treatments aren’t recommended for varicose veins today. If you can postpone it for a couple of days, you’ll achieve better results in aesthetic treatments in this area of the body.