Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 16

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The Moon's influence will fill your day with calmness and tender feelings. 

You'll have a chance to enjoy pleasant moments together with your friends, taking a trip down memory lane. 

Make the most of these positive astral influences and enjoy the peace. Remember to keep your work life separate from your love life, this way you will have a safe space away from your everyday problems. 

Protect your newly found harmony and don't let anyone cloud your happiness. 


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You discover that a matter that you believed long resolved was actually left unfinished because of someone else's negligence and it's now on you to fix it. Pay attention to your outbursts of anger and dictatorial behaviors; you don't want to have problems with your partners so keep calm. 

If you're looking for employment right now, don't give up and strengthen your search and have faith in your future. Get back in touch with those people who you know can help you. 

Due to Mars' positioning, you will receive a boost of energy in your professional life which will help you see things from a new perspective. 


All the stress and tensions have gotten the best of you, and it's understandable. You barely finish resolving one problem that another one rears its ugly head. 

You need to be careful with indigestion at bedtime; slow digestion could negatively influence your sleep and prevent you from getting a good night's rest. 

Copious amounts of food at dinnertime are extremely prejudicial for your health. They influence your metabolism, affect your sleep-wake cycle and increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. 

Try to have light dinners, three hours before you go to bed and you'll sleep like a baby.