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Your partner may be showing some signs of disagreement or distance that will cause you concern and worry. It's not that you distrust their fidelity but you should be alert and not neglect your bond.

Capricorn, you have a lot of astral help to overcome this difficult moment. You could even get stronger if you intend to learn to curb your need to always be right.

If you're single, the stars predict that you can start a relationship if you show up in new social groups who do group activities that are new to you. You'll enjoy learning a new skill.

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Your intelligence and being able to think rationally will help you solve a money problem that can bring many headaches into your life.

Patience and calm will be your great allies in this somewhat complex day for the natives of Capricorn.But doing things right will always bring you benefits.

Those who're looking for employment will have to choose between more than two offers and will evaluate the different proposals so that they choose the best path for professional growth. It's very important that you step on safe ground.

The lucky number for today for the natives of your sign is 75. This number invites you to move forward with the changes you're beginning to make. Success is yours, Capricorn.


You'll feel an increase in energy and physical vigour thanks to all the work you've been doing to learn to keep calm and have an open mind to uncertainty.

Until recently you had the sad tendency to worry excessively when things weren't going the way you had planned but now you've learnt about the benefits of getting carried away by surprises. That adds a calm feeling of joy.