Capricorn Daily Horoscope for April 17

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A new cycle regarding love is beginning for the natives of your sign. It could be a new stage in which you become aware of the damage you have caused with your sharp words in the past. You didn’t think that people paid so much attention to you and although this makes you sad, don’t worry, you can make a big change if you communicate in a different way and repair your bad behaviours with other more empathic and loving ones. You can fix everything if you want to and if you do it in a loving way.

The natives who are single have the opportunity to analyse what their romantic needs are, what they want and how they’ll achieve it. A day to think and dream.


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If today could be represented with a tarot card, it would be “The Tower.”  You have a feeling of loss and death regarding your career. The commotion is unsustainable for someone who’s serious and calm. You need to make the people in this situation calm down and you’re one of the few who can do it.

Ideas may be chaotic and they need to settle down and get organised. You’ll need to take a step back to see things in a different light and free the path of obstacles that are hindering the free flow of material things for you.

Those who’re looking for work don’t have a good day ahead to do so, They may be late for certain vacancies they’ve seen advertised or perhaps they experience a misunderstanding regarding the requirements needed for a position they really want to get. Don’t be discouraged, you’ll soon get good news.


Don’t worry if you feel strange discomforts that you’ve never felt before. Being upset by those pains only drains your mental energy. If you look for symptoms online, you’ll surely find that they could be part of frightening diseases.

You’ll become a hypochondriac if you go through life believing that every muscle pain is a serious illness.

Relax your mind and you’ll see that you feel much better.