Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your wishes are fulfilled without you having to fight. The times of anguish have remained in the past and are only sad memories.

If you’re already in a relationship, it’s likely to grow. Feelings will deepen and you feel like making long-term commitments such as living together or even adding a member to the family.

The way you express your love is softened by the action of the moon in the tender sign of Pisces.

If you’re one of the natives of Capricorn who are still single, you’ll enjoy the good company of great friends this Saturday. A secret love may hide among them, open your eyes. Pay attention to little gestures of love that you may have ignored.


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Positive situations will begin to happen this Saturday. The feeling of abundance and optimism bring you closer to behaving differently regarding your finances.

Investments begin to give certain results. You see that what you have sown shows the first signs of growth. But be careful with excess in consumerism. Buying too many things, items that you may not need, remember to treat yourself to nice things but within certain limits. The growth you perceive in your financial life must settle down and develop so that they are firm and enduring.

Saturn invites you to be measured and to think about the future.


There are many emotions and that can lead you to experience physical exhaustion due to the energy it takes for you to process your feelings and that can affect your health. Try to take the day as a moment of relaxation and rest where you can put worries aside and enjoy affection and general relaxation. Watching a film, reading a good book or taking a walk are the most important tasks for this Saturday. Enjoy happiness and don't think about the future with fear.