Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




Was it a good idea to argue with your loved ones, Capricorn? We're willing to bet it wasn't. 

The planets tend to influence, but they never force their energies on anyone. The challenges introduced by Saturn and Plato for Capricorn natives require a mature approach, a shift in focus that will help overcome obstacles.  

You can choose to fight or find a way of being happier and seizing life's opportunities with both hands. It's up to you. 

This Sunday you will have the chance to make peace with someone you miss - don't lose this opportunity. 


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Stop worrying about other people's problems; you have enough of your own. 

Enjoy your day and forget about external problems; life is too short to burden yourself with so many difficulties. 

If you're concerned about money, take some time today and plan your expenses for Monday but make sure you spend the rest of the day enjoying your free time. 

Try to focus your working energy on tasks that benefit you in the long run. 

Today's lucky number is 134, and it will connect you with your guardian angel so that you're protected throughout the day. 


You will have to pay attention to sudden movements today, or handling objects that might harm you. There is a high risk of domestic accidents primarily due to misused energy. 

If you have to handle machinery today, drive, or work with cutting tools, stay on your toes and keep safe. The same advice goes for any activity that involves fire, so if you're cooking or planning a barbeque be wary of small cuts or burns.