Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 17

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Your emotions will be all over the place today, and it might complicate your relationship with your close friends and family members. 

Snappy comments and inappropriate reactions will not be well received, and you'll find yourself wrapped up in arguments if you don't maintain your calm. 

It doesn't look like an easy day, so Magic Horoscope suggests that you exercise your patience, serenity, and sense of responsibility in making sure today won't be so intense. 

The planets' alignment will get in the way of effective communication within your couple. It seems like everything you say is taken the wrong way. Considering this is only a temporary phase, it would be best to keep your opinions to yourself. 


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Plato and Mercury's proximity will bring out the most hidden of secrets. Don't be surprised when you discover a few conspiracies that have been planned against you. 

Try to keep a level head before making a decision and make sure you clarify what motivated some people to betray your confidence. 

Your level of sass will be at an all-time high, Capricorn, so make sure you think before you speak and avoid any unwanted consequences. 

The planets' conjuncture will strengthen your strategies and help you plan your next steps and further your career. 


Your vitality might have taken a hit after fighting so many battles. Remember the power of negative thoughts and their effect on your mind and body. 

It's not enough to identify negative vibes around; you must also take steps to protect yourself from it. 

You could try sitting in silence, in a quiet place and imagine that you're holding a beacon of white light that repels all negative energies away from your body and protects you like a magic shield.