Capricorn Daily Horoscope for June 17

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Your sex life is stimulated by planetary transits. They benefit you in everything that refers to your sex and love lives.

Even if you have a hectic day in which you have little time for your partner, don’t stop showing with little things how much you feel their affection or the great desire that turns you on when you look into their eyes. These are the little things that keep the passion alive despite everything that happens around you, the time you’ve been together or the problems that overwhelm you.

The natives who are currently single can make use of the energies that favour them regarding love and passion and call that person who attracts them so much.

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You’ll have to face the dilemma of responding to a very innovative business offer that raises doubts since you don’t know the market or the way in which the industry works.

Maybe you could make a lot of money in the future with this business, you know that there are people who’ve reached the top managing a similar company.

You know that clients follow what is good and provides solutions and not the companies that offer low prices so much. Anyway, doubts are normal when faced with proposals.

Evaluate your possibilities well since paying with a credit card can confuse you and make you forget how far you can stretch your monthly budget.


Today the energy of the moon takes you to get in touch with your emotions and your bodily sensations. You’ll understand that this annoyance is crying out for understanding. If you have back pain you won’t be able to fix it with pain killers.

That back pain is talking about bad postures, a bad habit when sitting at the computer. It’s showing that you have to do something to improve because it won’t be magic but an attitude what leads to freedom from discomfort.