Capricorn Daily Horoscope |





Often you try to understand things in life that aren’t logical with reason and practical intelligence. So when you ask again and again about the reasons for issues that have to do with feelings, your partner often reaches states of annoyance or anger.

If you’re a native who’s still single, today might be the day when you bump into someone in a public space and they fall madly in love with you.

The problem is your demands. You ask too much of people both physically and intellectually. That tendency condemns you to loneliness.


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Start thinking about being well concentrated next Monday at work as the planetary aspects bring a tendency to not focus that could affect you and make you lose money or credibility.

If you can take a look at the tasks ahead and get ahead of work, it won’t be bad as it will give you a certain peace of mind. You can then enjoy the peacefulness of the afternoon with the family without stressing.

The lucky number for Capricorn natives for today is 65. This number is associated with wisdom and the mastery of matter in the ordinary world. Trust you’ll be guided by this energy.




The natives of your sign usually suffer from skin problems so if you detect some strange white spots on your skin pay special attention as they could be a sign of health problems.

Depending on their size and texture, these spots could be a sign of intestinal parasites or sun exposure problems because you hardly ever use sunscreen. However, the most probable explanation is that it’s a fungus that's easy to cure known as tinea versicolor. If you’re finding strange spots on your legs and arms, check with a dermatologist.