Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Your romantic relationship will go very well today thanks to the planet of love, Venus that has just entered into an Earth sign.

The most benefited by the transit of Venus will be the natives of the first position. If you’re one of those natives, you can enjoy the simple joy of life and the company of someone who’s very special to you.

 Today your carefree spirit will attract different people who’ll want to spend the night enjoying your interesting conversation.

If you’re invited to a dinner party or a meeting, don’t miss it because you’ll enjoy being the centre of attention and you’ll make new friends.

If you’re single you could meet a very special person with whom you have the possibility of starting a very passionate love story.


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You’re enjoying a very favourable cosmic dynamic that helps everything regarding communication and benefits legal issues or related to rulings or edicts.

Avoid people who speak badly of others or only have gossip to offer. The only thing they do is rob you of your energy and waste your time.

The natives who’re looking for a new job or trying to make a business take off can dedicate the day to the writing or printing cover letters to give some publicity to their activity. They’ll get inspired and have very good ideas.


You’re in a position to start a recovery plan for ailments related to blood and the organs that clean it.

If you’re starting a treatment for the liver or you feel that you need to detox today is the right day to start. There are different types of tea that you can drink every day. A daily cup of dandelion tea, green tea or artichoke water can help your body eliminate toxins. They clean your blood and help your liver and kidney systems.