Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You’ll quite possibly receive news from a person you esteem that you haven’t heard from in a long time. You’ll be able to offer them your help. It doesn’t have to be anything material, sometimes words or appreciation are of great value.

Don’t delay in answering to something that’s vital to your relationship. Love is a plant that needs to be watered and fertilised. If you delay care too many times it will end up dying or it’ll start to look sad. Look after your partner, they are your best ally to achieve the improvements you want in your life.

The younger Capricorn have the opportunity of meeting a person who’ll help them develop a healthier emotional life today. Open your heart.


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Natives who work on things that are related to aesthetics, beauty and fashion have very good aspects to close important contracts or sales deals today. They’ll see their incomes increase in a surprising and almost magical way.

Work relationships or relationships with partners are being benefited by the alignments of the Moon in good aspect with the stars. The same goes for travel arrangements or trips abroad, you’ll receive some answers today that’ll reassure you.


Don’t waste your time and your energy on gossip and past issues that drain you. Your body and mind deserve better treatment.

You’ll suffer from blood pressure problems and you’ll wear your immune system down with things that aren’t worth it.

If you’re going to explode every time you find out about the criticism and lies that evil people say against you, you’ll see your health gets worse. You should ignore these comments and focus on your energy and well-being. Better invest in positive energy and surround yourself with beings that support you.