Capricorn Daily Horoscope |



You will start your day feeling sad and melancholic, but you must snap out of it and focus your attention on more positive things. 

You've learned how to master strategies that make you the owner of your emotions and mood, irrespective of what those around you feel. Remember those sad times when your happiness depended on the energy you were surrounded by. 

It's of the utmost importance that you focus on the positive sides of your relationship. The Universe will always repay you with the energy that you put out, just like a massive mirror. If you emanate love, you will receive love; it's the law of attraction. 

Due to Mars' positioning, single native Capricorns that were born in the first decan will be more sexually adventurous. 



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You come across an incredibly lucrative idea when a friend asks for your advice. If you muster up the courage, you could suggest becoming a partner.

Good fortune marks today, and you will be surrounded by lucky circumstances concerning your finances. 

Fear not what life has to give you and embrace all the opportunities that come your way. 

Put out your new ideas and have faith that they will succeed. 


Many of the changes you have been going through have required immense willpower. You've been consistent with your diet, but you might experience some discomfort due to your body detoxing. 

When going through this process of purifying our bodies, we sometimes have headaches, suffer from colds, or joint pain. Make an appointment with your family doctor and have everything checked out.