Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




A love story begins or ends. It’s time for the end or for new beginnings that point to a powerful milestone in the history of your life. It isn’t easy for you to take some distance and appreciate objectively what happens in your heart. That’s why you should trust the friends or family members who love you so much when they make an observation about your choices.

You won’t feel the force of disappointment if you take a specific path. Your intention will be the one that sets the course.

Capricorn, if you feel that someone around you isn’t aligned with your purpose, don’t get upset and go your way easily. Try to not let yourself get carried away by the problems that some people pose. It’s not worth it if you have to run out of energy trying to fix the impossible.


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There are surprising novelties that will leave you speechless. They couldn’t be better surprises. Life smiles at you bringing the possibility of your growth not stopping closer.

A native person from somewhere else or a foreigner offers you a great business in which you can show your organisational skills and your great business skills.

If you’re employed you might feel that your skills aren’t appreciated or that you don’t receive a payment that represents what you’re able to offer to the company but you shouldn’t worry because, in a short time, your situation will soon change for good.

Your lucky number for today is 71. This number brings you closer to your desires and encourages you to stay positive and optimistic while keeping your attention focused.


Your health could be suffering the consequences of the disorganisation of your daily menu and sleep patterns.  That added to the emotional state of anxiety and worry could be very bad for your body in general and for the health of your digestive system in particular.