Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope





A hunch gives you information about a relationship you’re trying to save from extinction. Are you sure you want to play with those cards?

The moon in the mysterious sign of Scorpio brings you secret information that you never imagined. The truth tends to come to the surface and that’s something that liars strive to ignore, but you, Capricorn, know well how karma works and you’ll see the punishment of fate come to those who deserve it very soon. Don’t worry or feel that life is unfair to you.

Those who have broken up with a partner recently will be relieved to find out details of their own relationship that were kept a secret.


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You won’t be able to finish all the tasks that you’ve set out to do on time. Leave the smaller and less important ones for next week and don’t go crazy trying to meet your own expectations. Life has been proving that the only permanent thing is change and nothing can avoid being affected by it.

You could have planned your whole schedule, but you didn’t know about the circumstances that you are going through. Therefore, be kinder to yourself and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty.

Contemplating the possibility of failure opens the mind to new ways of dealing with problems. Today the planets help you see your life in a different and more flexible way. It's a great opportunity for you, Capricorn.


You may feel exhausted or somewhat tired. Maybe you’re experiencing an emotional situation that makes you feel somewhat under the weather. Remember that much of your discomfort goes away with positive mental energy.

Try to focus your mind on the good you have and the blessings that the Universe has given you. Maybe you have much to be grateful for regarding your hard work and your effort. If you make a list, you’ll see that you have plenty of blessings. Rejoice and take a step forward in the search for joy!