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Today you might feel that you can choose different paths regarding your love life. Choosing between different options will confuse you and could lead you to believe that everything is possible.

The problem can arise when you have to face the simple everyday life.

It isn't a good time to change. It's a good time to let your feelings settle so you can see what you need clearly.

If you're starting a relationship, you should be careful with idealisation. Look at every detail carefully to avoid surprises and complaints. You often get upset and disappointed, but nobody is to blame for not meeting your expectations.

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It's a good day for investments. You'll have different opportunities and options. It'll be very important that you connect with your intuitive intelligence to discriminate what's best for your finances.

If some great business ideas are presented in your mind as if by magic, be careful who you entrust your projects to. There are evil people who'll deceive you to find out all the details and then steal the idea and carry out your business.

Profits increase thanks to Mars in Virgo. When this planet occupies earth signs, it favours you with its dynamic and constructive attitude.


So much containment and emotional control can play tricks on you. You're going through a streak in which you tend to deny everything you feel and then you overflow into a world of poorly digested emotions.

The natives of your sign may be affected by addictions when they can't bear all the burdens they carry on their shoulders.

If you're one of those who turn to alcohol or drugs, Magic Horoscope warns you of the danger they may pose to your health. Many of your problems could increase if you get carried away by the desire to consume substances that affect your consciousness.