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Stop giving explanations for every step you take or for each issue of your life. Those who love you well don’t need you to be justifying your actions all the time.

Your auric field will be projected in an enigmatic way that attracts and wins both men and women over. You’ll be very well aspected by the stars to show your worth regarding love, seduction and sexuality.

If you thought that you were better suited to responsibilities and austerity, today you’ll be able to enjoy a sensual and fun experience with your partner.

Those who aren’t yet in a relationship can make the most of Friday to meet potential partners. But don’t rush to choose. Astral energies encourage them to enjoy diversity.


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The setbacks and problems at work are becoming chronic. But it’s not your fault, Capricorn. Therefore, let each person fix their own part. If you’ve fulfilled your obligations today, it’s best to leave the problem behind.

A white lie can help you spend the afternoon doing something else.

The natives who think they need to do a short ritual could make the most of Friday to carry out an energetic cleansing. Start by cleaning the floor at work with a mixture of water with white vinegar and a spoonful of honey. Then you should burn some laurel so the fumes impregnate the walls while pronouncing positive words for your growth.


You’ll go through the regeneration of your energy so it’s best that you find yourself a good massage with hot stones or perhaps a Thai massage. This ancient technique works miracles. It is really good for your muscles and helps improve blood flow, unblocks stagnant energy and stimulates good mood. You’ll be free of the stress you’ve accumulated during the week and you’ll have the energy of a baby.