Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You will find yourself in a strange situation today - try to act as naturally as possible and don't get defensive before you know all the details of the matter. 

Capricorns are notorious for passing judgment so try not to show your stricter side. Your glacier attitude has caused you suffering in the past so, this time, be wary and keep your opinions to yourself. 

Remember that things are not only black or white, you'll be surprised by all the nuances in between and you'll never want to behave in such a silly way with your family. 

Younger Capricorns that are in a relationship should pay attention to unjust treatment.



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You're going through complicated times at work but resist the urge to change things today. You might be faced with irreparable damage if you act too rashly. 

You could stand out and impress your colleagues and employers with your excellent organizing skills

Venus is teaming up with Saturn and showering you with positive vibes that help you achieve the goals you've been working towards for so long. 

Be patient and let time work its magic, have faith in the Universe and its mysterious ways. 

Today's lucky number is 36, and it connects to justice and kindness. 


You might be experiencing some joint pain due to an incorrect position while sleeping; these ailments are quite common. 

The way we sleep is vital, and experts say that the best position to sleep in is laying on your back. Ideal to avoid back pain this position offers a good night's rest. Doctors advise against sleeping face down or in a fetal position.