Capricorn Daily Horoscope for January 19

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Have you asked yourself why you've been feeling so down lately? Something must have brought on this uncomfortable and tense situation and today is the day to break this cycle.

Make it a point to spend time with your friends, meet new people, have a nice meal with someone from your extended family, seeing how little you get to see them. 

Just think about it: going to the cinema, having dinner in a restaurant, are simple things that make life what it is. The solution to your heartache is to love yourself more. You need to find the balance between being selfish and knowing your worth. Start showing yourself more love and you'll see how everyone around you will change their attitudes toward you. 


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According to the astral positioning, many Capricorn natives will be tempted to use some money they had saved up for a trip to pay bills they feel behind on. 

The best thing to do to improve your finances is to pay off all your debts - you can't have abundance and owe at the same time. The Universe requires coherence in all actions, especially from Capricorns that are marked by seriousness and a sense of responsibility in everything they do. Don't forget, however, to keep a secret stash in case of an emergency expense. 


We've all woken up with a sore throat after sleeping with the air conditioning on. Be careful with drinking cold beverages, cold air currents and sudden changes in temperature that weaken your throat. 

You already know that extreme temperatures affect your airways, and having a cold at this time of the year is nothing new. Make sure you don't fluctuate too often between cold and warm temperatures. 

Try to air out your living spaces regularly and enjoy a fresh atmosphere.