Capricorn Daily Horoscope |





From today, you could start a crazy love story. It’ll be those magical encounters that light a spark you didn’t know existed.

The intensity of your feelings won’t even allow you to think about the risks you take.

The way events develop is going to be questioned by some friends or people who are close to you. You aren’t used to acting without thinking and you’re expressing the part of your nature that you had buried under a mask of seriousness.

Don’t fool yourself by believing that it’ll be easy to defend yourself against the attacks of older people in the family who won’t bear to see you so happy.


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Don’t want to spend on gifts? The obligation to participate in buying a gift at work is often inevitable. If it’s your boss’ or an influential person’s birthday, you’ll have to invest in the gift.

You can’t go to the meeting empty-handed because everyone will think you’re super tight. Don’t be so silly and don’t think about the money you’ve spent. These are investments you shouldn’t worry about for a single minute.

The lucky number for Capricorn today is 30. A number you can associate with production and money earned through creativity and irreproachable behaviour.




The discomfort in your mouth can affect your sleep. If you have toothache don’t just try to forget about it and ask for an urgent appointment with the dentist.

Teeth are a very important part for you. Your digestive health and self-esteem depend on the health of your mouth.

If you’re always in pain, you go through life with a sad face and a stomach filled with drugs to help with swelling. It’s said to be one of the most intense types of pain a person can endure throughout their life and you, Capricorn, don’t deserve that.