Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




You’ll have to deal with ruminant thoughts from early in the morning. You won’t know what’s happening to you that leads to these sad feelings.

The moon in your mind area and hidden things revolve you memories of conflicts and sorrows and that could affect your mood. The disposition of the planets this Sunday impel you to get in touch with your roots and your innermost self. You should stay at home, be with your family. Talk about the things you’re sad about remembering old times. This way it’ll be easier to get rid of your emotional waste.

If you’re starting a relationship you’ll have to make an effort not to contaminate your time with this person who knows little about you with your melancholy Capricorn.


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Reality is combined with your fantasies and there are favourable surprises for the development of your ideas. A person from your environment could be in a position to help you or invest money so you can make your projects happen.

The planetary alignments warn you to stop your tendency to block your projects with your fears.

Stop doubting and understand how much is available for your material and intellectual growth and pay attention to the signs you’ll encounter.

The number of abundance for today is 111. This number represents your capacity to create your dreams if you bring your emotional, mental and physical strength together. That is, if your desires, your ideas and your physical energy are in agreement and you act with all that power in unison, everything will be possible.


Your health is very good, but you have to be careful with your joints. If you can start stretching to release the tension you have in your knees and elbows, that would really help.

You’ll be more flexible and you’ll feel full of energy and more alert and focused. You’ll get rid of toxins and improve your blood flow.