Capricorn Daily Horoscope |




If you went through a tense moment that seemed like it was going to end your relationship, you can now breathe. In the evening, you’ll have a space of communion and unforgettable love encounters. When you show your repentance you get a kinder response from your partner.  Humility and the ability to own up to your mistakes are much more valuable than you imagine.

The youngest natives of your sign have an ideal day ahead to recycle old friendships, find the things they have in common and enjoy the love and joy of sharing. With time, it could evolve into something else. Pay attention to the signs.


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Solving a problem that has arisen is urgent. The climate may be confusing and you might not understand what’s happened, who did it or how it happened. It doesn’t matter, you’re the best person to solve this matter in an instant with clarity and without thinking about it twice.

Change that face, Capricorn. Abundance dwells within you. If you learn to vibrate abundance you’ll see that what fills you is much more than what you lack.

The astrological tendency of the planetary alignments describes a day of boredom and confusion. You’d like to do a lot but you don’t feel like making any effort. You’re tired and the day seems like it’ll never end.

The lucky number for the natives of your sign today is 16. This number reminds you that endings always arrive. Once you’ve overcome the challenge you were presented with, you’ll have the confidence you need to start over in a higher cycle. Don’t worry.


It’s not an auspicious day to start routines or set high goals when it comes to health. The energy level is normal although the emotional aspect could be against the body. Controlling emotions will be beneficial.