Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Loving words, kindness and the desire to build something strong and lasting standout today.

However long you’ve been with your partner is today the focus of your memory and from those thoughts, you can reconstruct scenes, memories and visions of what has been and how you want it to be from now on.

Dreams are just dreams, according to the saying, however, you have the stars in your favour to build a tangible reality around your dreams. The natives who are single have the planetary auspice to imagine the kind of relationship they would like to have.

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Thinking about how you can reorganise your finances the best way you can to save. Even though you’re a very organised person, maybe it’s time to realise that not all those who are close to you accompany you on the path of austerity and you often get carried away by using some things you aren’t completely convinced of.

Don’t despair and use your common sense. At the same time that you start a new way of experiencing your material life, new opportunities will begin to appear in your career.

You have many skills that you’re not making the most of. When you finish up work for the day, try to connect with your personal abundance, recognise the resources you have; both personal and material resources.


Obsessive disorders exist and are a consequence of certain transits of Pluto through your sign. If you feel that situations of stress lead you to want to control everything, perhaps you’re suffering from a psychological problem.

Remember that control is the enemy of the life that arises from chaos. If you are obsessed with an order or hygiene habits and these make you waste mental time, perhaps you should see a therapist.